Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Things First

Starting a Journal or Diary is really important. Keeping track of progress, foods we eat, macro nutrient values, meal planning and preparing all help in our success to good eating habits. I highly recommend taking the time to put one together, fancy or not, but half-way organized will make it easier to search for that specific recipe, snack food, or shopping list. Convenience is key, as well as simplicity. I don't really like to cook, not that I'm lazy but I can mess up even the easiest recipe. I already have this week, Ha! Anyway I started putting mine together today. I have been compiling literature and recipes all this week. I have copied recipes and meal plans from magazines, the Internet and books. I purchased a three ring binder and plastic dividers and made an index of how I wanted to organize each section. I am still working on it now. I will let you know how I organized mine when I'm finished. Remember, this will make changing our lifestyle much easier and convenient. Be sure and make the time to start your diary, work on it a little bit at a time. Baby steps!


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