Sunday, November 1, 2009

Creating A Food Journal

I have made alot of progress on my journal tonight. It's slowly coming together but at least it's coming. I wanted to share some photos as I put it together. I still need an index page and extra sections for more stuff I want to include. Creating this journal has already made the past few days of my life easier. I can quickly get information on my daily intake values, daily macronutrient values, track my eating each day, pull new clean eating recipes when foods get boring, quick reference for on-the-go eats and snacks, meal plans, ready-made shopping lists to eliminate impulse buys or long supermarket trips, a wish list for cookbooks/books on eating clean, and new product lists to try. My journal is only halfway complete but I'm glad I'm taking the time to do it. Doing it now will make living this lifestyle easier and will help you be prepared when unwanted cravings strike. Pick up your journal, hold yourself accountable, ask, "Should I be eating this?" and "What is a healthier alternative?" Look at your food log and crunch numbers to find out what the food ratio is. If it spills over, pick a different food to eat or replace your hunger by drinking a bottle of water. Just think before you act!


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